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GTX 1080TI Poseidon vga RGB Header not working correctly

Level 7
So, when i plug an RGB strip into the header on the GPU, Green stays on and Red turns off. Ive double checked my RGB strip on the motherboard and ops check good. This is definitely related to the RGB header on the Poseidon. If i cut (disconnect) specifically the green wire from the RGB strip, i get my red back. With Green connected Green and Blue seem to work just fine, no red. With Green cut, Reds and blues work just fine.

I would think that there is a short from red to green on the male header side, but when i tell aura (VGA software not full sync suite) to turn off, the Strip only illuminates green, so this could very well be a software issue, I have also tried full aura sync and it seems like via the VGA header with the same outcome. I guarantee my LED's as working correctly so does anybody have any idea on how to get this working properly.

GPU tweak shows "ASUS LED Control" version

Level 13
This issue is probably due to defective wire, I experienced the same issue on one of the boards I was testing on with the GTX 1080 Ti. After changing the cable, the software was able properly calibrate. You can also try uninstalling software and then cleaning registry, we did however have a beta version of AURA during Computex when this happened. So far it seems no one else is having this issue so it could be just something wrong with the cable or some other conflict with the software.