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GTX 1070 red squares after increasing GPU Clock (no VRAM OC)

Level 7

I have overclocked my new GTX1070 Strix (GPU Clock only) and get from a certain value single, very sporadically flashing, red squares (about 10 cm tall on a 55 "TV) in Project Cars 2.

However, I only play Project Cars 2 & Far Cry 3.

As I increase the GPU clock, the frequency of the red squares increases.

So far, I have had a different 1070 Strix and a 2070 Strix in this computer, both of which crashed when I reached a certain OC value without these squares.

As I said OC only affects GPU Clock and not VRAM.

Actually, you always read that only VRAM OC can produce artifacts.

Should I see in it now an indication that the VRAM of the new card is broken, or can the GPU clock alone (without VRAM problem) be responsible?

How much additional fps did you get from vram overclocking?

Overclocking the core will give you the most performance gain, a +1000MHz overclock on the Vram should give you an additional 2-3 FPS and can help games run smoother.

I struggle a bit with GPUTweak 2 in the moment.

Version 1930, I used for2 Years, doesn´t show FPS in Project Cars 2 anymore

Version 1971 does not deactivate Keyboard Shortcuts although a switch is in the settings

Version 2001, the actual one, shows never ending RGB flickering, when applying the settings in the main window (a few would be normal) and reactivates my RGB-Lightning in general.

Would love to have the software working properly ;:D

If you have a Maximus X/XI motherboard try installing Aura for the motherboard only as they support Aura Sync which lets you control the lighting of your Strix 1070.

Uninstall Aura for your Strix 1070 first.