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GTX 1070 ASUS Dual compatibility with an Intel motherboard DB85FL (Haswell)

Level 7
Hello all,

My name is Faran and i have a technical issue that needs sorting. Before i begin please note the following is my PC specification

Processor: Intel core i5 4440
Motherboard: Intel DB85FL with PCI-E 3.0 gen 16(updated to the latest BIOS)
PSU: Corsair RMx 750 watts

I wish to buy GTX 1070 DUAL from ASUS so i desperately wonder if it will work and that no compatibility issues will pop up. A guy at ASUS shop says it might or it might not work but then again he is not quite sure. So i request all of you tech experts to please help me out here. Once i have made a purchase there is no turning back, no refunds or exchange whatsoever. By the way, i can't afford to switch to SKY LAKE right now maybe in 6 months time when i have saved up enough. I have cleared the issue with Nvidia and they everything will be ok.

I will appreciate your quick response.

Thank you,

Level 15
I don't see why not. The GTX 1070 Dual is a PCIe GPU so as long as the motherboard has a PCIe x16 slot, it should work fine.

Thank you very much mate for your response and hearing that from you does indeed put my mind at ease as far as motherboard compatibility is concerned. There is one more thing though, i have got a monitor that supports VGA but i have got a VGA to DVI-I connector whilst the card requires DVI-D so am i looking at some sort of issue here?