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GTX 1070 8G OC - GPU Voltage question after update 388.71

Level 7
Hi Guys~

im dont remember if my GPU voltage stays 1.093v all the time or not after OC before updating to 388.71, I may be mistaken but after updating nvidia driver to that i notice that its mainly stays at 1.081v and rarely goes up to 1.093v. Is this normal another one of the pascal auto-clock thingy?. I play ACO, Witcher 3 and Heaven bench, same result. GPU-Z, perfcap = PWR, VRel and sometime just VRel. Sorry i really cant remember if thats normal or something new.

Additional Info: no temp prob - 64c to 66c. No noticable performance drop, but more stable at highest Clock speed 2050ghz constant (Previous flactuates 2038ghz and below) so to say, Improve Clock Speed performance but lower GPU Voltage usage. Was curious and did try to increase my OC but it still perform the same with the max of GPU boost = 1880 then GPU crash if add more as previous setting (So no difference).

Thank you