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GPU upgrade for my new z97 build..

Level 7
Ok, so, I have got the Maximus VII Hero, ordered the i7-4790k, and need to decide if I am going to keep my GTX590....

Or, do I upgrade...?

If I sell my 590 for £200-£250 I can put to another £160 towards a `NEW` card, Nvidia only please.

Budget for £400 max, with the forcast to add another identical card for SLI later this year, what are `your` suggestions...?

Single monitor, 24" - 1080p (for now), going up to 27" - 2560/1440 when I add another card, good amount of Vram too, (3-4gb)

Has the GTX590 still got some fight left for another year..? currently suffering on Vram 😞

Thanks all..

HAF 932 / Intel i7 4790k / Alpenföhn K2 Mount Doom CPU Cooler / Asus Maximus VII Hero z97/
8GB Hyper X Beast @ 1866 / NVidia GTX980 / Crucial M4 128Gb SSD / 3x 1Tb HDD / 1x 2Tb HDD / PSU - Corsair HX1050 / Zonar DGX 5.1 Sound Card / Corsair K70 Keyboard / Logitech G502 Mouse / Monitor - VH242H / Corsair Vengeance 1400 Headset 😛

Level 40
Right now your 590 does all that you need it to do with that screen resolution 1080p.

Wait that extra year and then get the next generation of graphic card.
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