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GPU TWEAK GTX 1060 COOLING ISSUES's need help with USER DEFINED fan settings

Level 7
Hello, I run an asus dual 3gb oc gtx 1060 for 3 days, and I need some help 😄

If i let the gpu tweak at AUTO mode....the fan goes 28% untill gpu hit 70...thats STUPID i don't want my gpu stutter my games on high temps like already happend 😞

it also VERY LOUD above 50% not acceptable,VERY LOUD, i can hear it even with my overhead headset too!

can someone give me some good user defined fan settings for gpu tweak to avoid suddently fan speed inscrease and loud sounds increase?

my actual is untill 40% at 52C 68% at 56C and 100% at 73C

is this good? it still makes alot of nois when hit above 50% but i don't want to fk up and stress the gpu to reach 56 or 73 untill reach 100% :((

Hi alexandruww2

You can set the fan manually to say 40% and see where that puts temps while playing a game, temp in the 70's should be fine as thermal throttling won't happen until the temp hits 80c - 82c, as long as you stay below that you'll have maximum performance.

You can play with the fan curve to find where you need just enough fan speed to keep temp below 80c this should have it running as quiet as possible while maintaining maximum performance.

thank you

i tried GPU TWEAK user define settings

in bf1 alot of stuttering even at low

every explosion fk up the game 😞 with lag spikes from 90 fps to 30 and 11 and stuck and back to 60 80 😞 the cpu is not the bottleneck stay's at under 70% usage

i will try as you said 😄

I don't have BF1 but I've read that setting the game to directx 11 gives better performance than directx 12, you could try that too. 🙂

Here's a video showing the performance difference with a gtx 1070.

See the Frames Per Second in green side by side at the top in the middle of the screen.