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GPU problems?

Level 7
Hello guys
I recently upgraded my computer system with a new CPU: Ryzen 3600, Motherboard: MSI B450Gaming Plus MAX, and Graphics card GTX 1660 Super this exact model: . I also used those same components to build my brother new PC and gave him my old GTX 1060 that I just replaced with the 1660 Super. The problem is with my 1060 I was regularly getting frame rates of 80-90 and this new graphics card is supposed to actually be better, yet I am getting 15-30 FPS. Is my GPU broken because my brother's PC with my older 1060 and the same internal components is getting better fps in almost every game, so I'm kinda dumbfounded. Can someone help me out here?

Are you running the exact same settings? Same resolution, same quality settings, etc? If so then I would compare temperatures and perhaps run the same benchmarks on both systems to see if your issue is a CPU or GPU bottleneck.
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