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GeForce RTX AI Suite GPU Temp Fan Xpert & GPU Tweak do not work

Level 7
I recently upgraded from my 1080 Ti Strix to the 2080 Strix. I also have an Asus Motherboard and I used to run my case fans with gpu temps. But now with my 2080 Strix it does not work anymore. At the beginning, when I just installed the 2080, Fan Expert recognizes GPU temps and gives me the opportunity to choose GPU temp instead of CPU temps as source for case fans. But it didn't apply. It kept on the lowest fan speed and if temps reach next level of fan speed, nothing happened. So I reinstalled everything. Nvidia drivers & AI Suite. Now AI Suite and Fan Xpert not even show me GPU temps and opportunity to choose GPU as a source.

Is Fan Expert not compatible yet with new RX series or is it my cards fault?

I also have problems with GPU Tweaks external fan courve. My 1080 Ti gave me a range of 32-100% fan speed. But with the 2080 Strix it is broken. When I start auto fan calibration he shows me after secons a range of 0-100% but does not apply them. I only can run at least with 50% fan speed.

Can anybode who owns a RTX tell me if he has same problems or not?

Thanks for answers!

Level 12
I am on the other thread but will post here as well to increase awareness (although I believe Asus is well aware). This problem is not RTX specific. Happens with my Strix 2080 Ti, Strix 1080 Ti, and FE Titan X. I can select the GPU temp in Fan Expert, I can SEE the GPU on AIS front panel below in temp section, but GPU temps do not control the fan on the set curve.

Level 7
Ok really interesting how different the expierences are. With my 1080 Ti it used to run great. But now after upgrading its so broken. Cant even bring GPU temps back with my 1080 Ti after uninstalled and reinstalled. Really sad.


I have a ROG Strix Z390 Gaming-E board and a MSI 2070 RTX Armor 8G and wanted to get a ROG Strix 2070 OC 8G instead to be able to control the chassis fans with the 2 fan headers on the 2070 RTX according to the GPU temp but have read from several users that fan xpert 4 / AI Suite III can not do that...

I tried setting AI Suite alone to control CHA1 fans on the mainboard according to GPU temps but it just shows N/A and does not change the fan speed.. the GPU fans themselves are controlled by MSI Afterburner and that works well.. still I wanted to get the GPU temp to control the front chassis fans so getting an ASUS ROG Strix 2070 RTX seemed to be a solution with the 2 onboard fan headers but it looks like fan xpert can not read the GPU temp...

It's a shame when you buy top of the line stuff from the ROG Strix line and then have to deal with bugs in the software..

Is there any fix planned from ASUS on that? I'm kinda disappointed that getting a ASUS ROG Strix Z390 Gaming-E mainboard and a ASUS ROG Strix 2070 RTX 8G OC will not instantly work together as intended for controlling fans chained to GPU temps...

I have the NVIDIA RTX FE and in the software suite I can't control the T of the GPU because there isn't the panel of the graphic card, even in the section on the main screen of the Ai Suite 3. After I upgraded my GPU seems the Ai suite wont recognise the card.
I have the latest NVIDIA drivers and the system is up-to date.