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Geforce GTX 780 artifacts is it time to let go?

Level 7
Hello i would like to do one last sanity check with you guys on my geforce gtx 780. So here how it goes.

Windows 10 pro
Intel i7-4770
Asus Maximus Hero VI Motherboard (latest Bios)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 (asus version)
Silvertone SST ST60F 600W PSU
Hard Drive 2 SSD, 3 HDD, 1 NVME (on PCIE)
NZXT PHANTOM CASE (can find exact model)
2 1080p 144Hz Monitor (one set to 60Hz)

I have this gtx 780 from asus since the year it was released (quite a long time has passed) along with the rest of the set up i was still able to play games at a decent resolution.

Suddenly white atifacts started showing and a few moments later a BSOD crash, Upon restart display is still alright until a few moments (not a fixed time either in gaming or just at idle) and the white artifacts shows again and a few seconds later followed by a BSOD. This happens when using the latest driver and oldest one i can download (May of 2019??)

Right now i have tried removing all my Drives and use 1 SSD and a fresh install of windows 10. This time however is quite different. I changed the PCIE of the GPU to another slot. this time there are some artifacts in the even in post and inside the bios (But of course it does not crash). I can still see enough to manage a fresh install of windows. This is still me using 1 monitor connected to the graphics card. inside windows mid installation of NVIDIA drivers it Blue Screens, tried again using a fresh install windows(since i cant go past the windows logo just no signal after that) and it cant still finish. So another fresh windows but i changed to on board graphics and was able to install nvidia driver. restart windows this time plugged to the GPU, after windows logo no signal for some time then a BSOD happens. Tried restarting using on board graphics, same thing BSOD after windows logo. Went into safe mode and disable NVIDIA GEFORCE 780 in device manager display adaptor. An i am able to log in to windows using on board.

I am very confused Both the driver and the card are acting up. I cannot 100% say the graphics card is at fault which makes it hard for me to buy a new one knowing that its not 100% sure the GPU is at fault. Any advices from experts? what else i might try to do?

Current i am using on board Graphics, with the graphics card still plugged in the board. It also tried completely removing the graphics card and renable the display adaptor which just freezes everything the moment the NVDIA 780 display adaptor is re-enabled and a BSOD after.