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faulty 1080ti turbo?

Level 7

Recently upgraded my systems with a 1080ti turbo 11gb from asus in a Asus Crosshair Hero VII mobo with a Ryzen 7 2700x and and 16gb of Ram and have been unable to get the graphics card to work. Alls fine when installed powers on everything installs and loads into windows 10 fresh install. Problems start as soon as any Nvidia drivers are installed for the card. Tried all the drivers i have found so far but nothing helps as soon as the drivers are installed the system is terrible. Cant stream a single video feed without audio blips and lag whenever anything is done on the pc. Run some pretty old games and they run fine high fps but the freezing and audio blip is still there. As soon as the drivers for the graphics cards are removed then the problem goes away again. can stream on windows default driver clear audio no stuttering or any issues.

I have tried all i can now and was wondering if the issue is maybe a fault in the hardware or hoping anyone has any idea's. I have had to remove the 1080ti for time being stuck my old R9 280 into the systems and can actually use it to stream and game now but obviously i want to upgrade and with nvidia 1080ti being the best option there, is this a compatailibty issues with the crosshair hero vii and 1080ti's in general or have i been unlucky here?

I have the ASUS 1080TI Turbo.

I do have one monitor connected via hdmi, and one display port mini. One thing that helped but didn't solve the problem 100% is to turn off audio going into the HDMI monitor (I have external speakers).

Also I only installed the graphics driver and the PhysX driver (not sure if that's needed?). I don't have the GeForce experience or audio driver installed. My audio is coming from the motherboard/Realtek.

Level 7
what motherboard are you using Brianlowry? Im using a new asus crosshair 7 hero with realtek audio tried realtek drivers as well as the asus ones for the motherboard same issue using both.

also If you switch your audio to hdmi default does it cause the audio to fail when the interupt and audio blip happens? thats what i get if i switch to tv output it will be ok until then and then fails. to get it back can switch back to speakers and can switch it back onto the tv again after for it to fail again with the audio blip and interupt.

I noticed that in furMark that the graphics card power TDP% was dropping like 30-40% on time with the interupts just stuck a new evga 750w psu in and still getting exactly the same result so not a power issue. Suppose if theres a hang in the system somewhere the power the graphics card will be using will drop while its not doing anything and waiting.

Tried just the nvidia driver none of the other stuff as well as disabling/uninstalling all the different audio devices.
Even installing on a clean version of windows 10 and just the chipset drivers and then the Video drivers without sound, as soon as the screen flashes black and back again and device manager switches from the default display adapater to nvidia 1080ti the issue starts. Interupt execution times shoot up from 0.5-0.6ms to 250ms+

Its going back now just hoping that other 1080ti's will be ok in this board

Edit - Just tried new drivers 398.36 same as last 2 versions black screen on install and took 2 attempts to load up and run DDU before it black screened on me.

motherboard is Gigabyte H270N-WIFI

I also have found that if I disconnect the monitor that is using hdmi, the speaker pop and fps drops happen much less.

BTW I'm also having the issue outside of gaming, especially when the HDMI monitor is connected, and it only happens when the nvidia driver is installed. I'm pretty certain we're having the same issue.

Level 12
Have you guys tried using a different HDMI cable?
HDMI cables aren't all the same and some of the older or cheaper ones may not be up to the task.

chevell65 wrote:
Have you guys tried using a different HDMI cable?
HDMI cables aren't all the same and some of the older or cheaper ones may not be up to the task.

No but I still have the problem when I run only a single monitor with DPm cable. I thought the problem improved by disconnecting the other monitor but it seems to have been a fluke now.

Shalloe - let me know how the new card goes.

Level 7
Yeah will do got the turbo boxed up now getting collected tomorrow and a 1080ti ROG strix coming to replace it hopefully dont take too long to get to me.

I returned my graphics card and got an EVGA card, it solved my issues. Thanks everyone for the help.

Level 7
good to hear still a 1080ti? still waiting on my replacement.