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faulty 1080ti turbo?

Level 7

Recently upgraded my systems with a 1080ti turbo 11gb from asus in a Asus Crosshair Hero VII mobo with a Ryzen 7 2700x and and 16gb of Ram and have been unable to get the graphics card to work. Alls fine when installed powers on everything installs and loads into windows 10 fresh install. Problems start as soon as any Nvidia drivers are installed for the card. Tried all the drivers i have found so far but nothing helps as soon as the drivers are installed the system is terrible. Cant stream a single video feed without audio blips and lag whenever anything is done on the pc. Run some pretty old games and they run fine high fps but the freezing and audio blip is still there. As soon as the drivers for the graphics cards are removed then the problem goes away again. can stream on windows default driver clear audio no stuttering or any issues.

I have tried all i can now and was wondering if the issue is maybe a fault in the hardware or hoping anyone has any idea's. I have had to remove the 1080ti for time being stuck my old R9 280 into the systems and can actually use it to stream and game now but obviously i want to upgrade and with nvidia 1080ti being the best option there, is this a compatailibty issues with the crosshair hero vii and 1080ti's in general or have i been unlucky here?

Level 7
brand new arrived monday morning with the crosshair hero 7 thought it would be nice and easy both being from asus on my 3rd day trying to get it running. only other board i have is what i upgraded from really old asus sabertooth 990 fx i think or something like that and only other graphics card the amd r9 280

Level 9
Try two different ways.
One:take everything out of case and test it again,with minimum connected.CPU,RAM,Video,hdd and monitor.

Second:put your card to your old motherboard and test it outside the case too.If in old setup card will be bad,then you should send Videocard to the place where you got it-let them test it.
If card will be okay-then we must think further.

Level 7
ok so after another day of still trying to get it working ive managed to get the system a little more stable

The latest drivers from both Nvidia and the Asus site cause unstability within 5 mins of them being installed and after any restarts after they installed I loose video just black screen on monitor with loss of audio following within 10-30 seconds having to reset to get it back and booting in safe mode to remove drivers.

After removing drivers if i let windows update find and install it installs driver 390.77 and the audio/visual lag returns but probably the best it had been on any drivers ive tried and with no blackscreen after hours.

Next step i took was to remove all the asus audio drivers and programs the radar and sonic things as well as the realtek drivers from the control panel app manager and then downloaded and installed the realtek drivers r2.82 direct from the realtek website.

After doing that i notice an improvment in the lag being able to watch streams while system is idle still happens if im to switch tasks or even click on the start button. And in games they load up and i get loads of audio and visual stuttering while loading and then they seem to run a lot better after loading with the odd stuttering every few minutes as long as there is nothing running in the background.

Interestly after exiting a full screen game sometimes i do seem to come back to the desktop with no problems at all. Its happened twice now to great joy especially the first time but its not something ive been able to reproduce just happened randomly as far as i can tell and always returns after a reset.

Level 7
Another update as i was just playing fortnite and it was running fine epic settings constant 120 fps i decided to minimise the game and see how the rest of the system performs open up web site a few streams playing all fine no issues open latency mon highest exectution on any interupts at 0.6ms. as im watching the monitor i right click on the game and close program and instantly the audio starts stuttering and the iterupt highest execution time shoots up to 160+ms on nvlddmkm.sys (nvidia kernel mode driver, version 390.77) and dxgkrnl.sys (directX Graphic Kernel)

I think the improved performance in game and now even when games are running in background is since ive changed the 3d settings power management to maxium performace. And on exiting a 3d application back to desktop there is some power management coming back into play causing my issue but im unsure what that would be any idea's?

Level 9
Hm.Can you do the following.
1.Install fresh Windows.
2.Install minimal motherboard drivers(ONLY-chipset,audio,network,not any additional programs).
3.install nVidia driver.
4.Set power plan for PC to max,to videocard-adaptive.
Play some game.see for results.If everything is fine,start to install other needed software,but check each time after installation for performance.Does it drop or not.

Can you list installed programs for motherboard?
If you think that installation of fresh Windows will take a lot of time and you do have some important programs,you may do vice versa-uninstall additional software,leaving only base drivers and check for performance.Also do not forget after uninstall check PC using Ccleaner and erase trash from computer.Clean also registry list.
Let me know.

I'm having this exact problem with the same graphics card. I really hope we can find a solution!

Asus Turbo GTX 1080TI
16 GB GSkillz ram
Gigabyte H270N-WIFI Motherboard
Windows 10

I've tried the steps suggested above with no success.

Level 9
What it could be...Let me think...
Can you try some old nVidia drivers?Like 390.65.
By the way,there is an option in sound playback settings(when you click speaker icon next to clock).What you see?Is your onboard sound card the ONLY Active device?Maybe you have two devices enabled at once?Check this too and let me know.

Level 7
The drivers supplied on install CD are 388.43 and are slighty worse if anything for me.

I tried the fresh install again. New windows 10 install unplugged from internet so no auto updates. installed chipset and audio drivers and restarted and tested a sample video file played fine. Installed Just the Video driver and run sample video again and it starts lagging with the audio blips. Uninstalled sound drivers run video again no sound blips as no sound but the visual lag i can see and run latency mon to confirm that the lag spikes are coming from same thing which they are as soon as nvidia drivers are installed the highest cpu interupt execution time sky rockets from under 0.5ms to 200+ms

I also found a way to get Nvidia's 3d settings for power management to apply to my windows desktop by adding manual 3d settings for desktop manager and some other windows applications and managed to get my GPU clocking full speed on desktop as well as in game but unfortunatly this diddnt help with the problem.

Level 9
I think you both should change your card to a new one and check if the issue go away.

Level 12
Consider that the GTX 1080 Ti has a 280w TDP and requires a bare minimum of a 600 watt power supply. If you are overclocking and have a few peripherals you could easily exceed this minimum requirement. Listing your complete system specs might be helpful in diagnosing this issue. 🙂