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Exact length of 980 Ti Strix

Level 7

Could someone who has one of these please measure exactly how long it is? The website says it's 12 inches (30.5 cm), and I have exactly that amount of space in my case, but I'm not sure if that's an approximation, or where the measurement is from and to - i.e. is that including the L shaped metal frame that you screw to your case? Does the cooler extend beyond the 12 inches, or is it the overall length?

I'm about to buy one of these cards and would like to know if I need to budget for a new case, which would be a shame as other than this the case works well for me - it's an old Cooler Master CM690 (the original one).

Alternatively, has anyone managed to fit on of these cards to an original CM690?

Hoping someone can help.


Level 14
I also have an "original" CM690 case! Alas, the previous owner mangled all the top USB ports.

I know it can fit a reference 10.5-inch 980Ti.

The 980Ti Strix is reported at 12.0 inches in the the techpowerup GPU Database. My experience is that their measurements are sometimes off by 1/16" (the thickness of the backplate), but no more.
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Glad I'm not the only one who still has one of the original cases! 🙂

Think I may invest in a Dremel with a metal grinding bit. I don't use the 5.25" bay that it's likely to overlap with, so maybe if it just needs a few mm I can just relieve that area a bit. Probably cheaper than a new case, and I end up with the tool afterwards...

Thanks for the reply