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coil whine or fan failure on brand new 1660 Ti ROG Strix?

Level 7
Ok guys,there is this purring sound which is coming out of the card,from day 1 when I purchased it...
My ears can't figure out from where exactly sound is coming from,but I'm like 90 % sure is not coil whine because coil whine sound is scratchy.
I did mnanage to figure out when I can hear the sound and it is noticeable when the card is in "Q" mode and when I game,and when I exit the game,the fans lower the speed and then it happens.
It also happens at around 950 rpm fan speed...rarely happens when the card is in "P" mode and never when fans kick in at higher speed.
I did message the supplier to RMA card,but I need this PC and can't wait for 2 months to get my card,and seller doesn't sell this version of a card anymore and if it's really coil whine there is no warranty on that but don't think so because I can hear this sound each time when fans start and stop.

Level 12
Coil whine can also be caused by PSU and/or your cable management. Consider what PSU your using and how old is it. These items can cause the noise your hearing as well.

If you have spare PSU might be worth trying it first to see if noise stops. In your video you note the movement in the fans, tapping noise, this is not likely the source of the issue ~imo.

If your determined it is the fan (which coil whine noise does come from), and want to locate it / exactly which ones, you need to improve your own directional hearing. Try rolling up piece of A4 paper, to shape similar to V, hold the larger side to your ear and use smaller side to locate the source of the sound. Generally the smaller the small side of the V shape is the more directional your hearing will become but might take few adjustments to your shape to get it really helpful. Also when smaller side is close / over the source of the noise it will appear louder to you and as move away softer, hence directional hearing.

Some people do RMA cards for this and if it is your PSU / cables etc, they will not be able to reproduce the noise and send it back saying the are unable to reproduce the problem and that is assuming they will even accept RMA for this type of fault. Some countries have strong consumer laws that override warranties and make this an option, etc.

Hope you find this post of help.