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Cerberus-GTX1050TI-O4G Windows stopped this device because it reported problems. (43)

Level 7
Hi every one again.
On a z170 pro gaming motherboard with 16 Gb RAM, an i5 6600K 3.5Ghz processor, PSU corsair tx650m
I have changed the disk sata ssd samsung 840 for an MVMe M.2 970Evo and I have added a graph Cerberus-GTX1050TI-O4G.
Now the other two sata disks are disconnected to avoid an error that destroys data.
The board worked well for about 12 hours, then the win was updated and has not worked again.
I have done a clean installation of win10 (several times) I have updated the BIOS to its latest version. I have loaded all the drivers for everything and then added the graphics and loaded the ASUS drives. I have uninstalled all the nvidia drivers and tried several versions but I can not make the graphics work. I disconnected it and I have to use the integrated one. All the relative information that I find is very old.
The graph has an hour to learn how to use the fans without being connected, then it will fly through the balcony.

I add some information that may be useful. All help will be well received. I have tried several options of the uefi but surely there is something that I do not do well although I do not know what it can be. The options are many and some very confusing for me.

Driver version
Date 10/27/2017
problem code 0000002B

Thanks in advance.

Hi merenat

Seems all was well until a windows update, here's what I'd try:

1) Have only the drive connected you're installing windows to
2) Wipe the drive and do a clean install of windows 10
3) Let windows install the necessary drivers (Do not update any drivers)
4) Install your 1050 Ti (windows may install an older driver version)
5) Update the Nvidia driver to 399.07
6) Run windows update

How does this work ?

Hi. I have tried what you have told me. It does not work.
I have done it as you said. I have also tried installing without conecxion to internet and updating the graphic card first. I have also changed the M2 disk for the previous SATA to see if it is an incompatibility problem and it does not work either.
I'm lost

Thank you for trying that, I know it took some time.

So you're still getting code 43 in Device Manager and your 1050 Ti is not recognized ?

What's puzzling is, it was fine for 12 hours then stopped working after a windows update and now doesn't work with a clean windows installation. It could be a coincidence with the update and be hardware failure but let's hope not.

Just to be sure, you're connecting your monitor cable to the 1050 Ti correct ?

Have you tried your 1050 Ti in the 2nd pcie x16 slot ?

Would you have a spare gpu to test with or better yet, can you try your 1050 Ti in another pc ?

No, thanks to you for your time.
I have tested in the second PCIe and I have proven that I did not have a wrong cable. I have tested with another monitor and I have installed Mint to try. In a moment of lucidity, I thought that if or if it has to take an image during the boot (bios etc ..) and did not. I have gone to the store, they have checked and verified that it does not work. At the time I have been replaced and I write to you from the new graphic card. (good and its added elements, MB, PSU ...)

Although I am afraid that another twelve hours will pass.
I close with the solution so that it serves someone and you do not have to be always responding the same.
Thanks, again.

Awesome, nice to see the store swapped it and that got you going.

Run it for a while then give us an update on how well your new 1050 Ti overclocks. 🙂