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Can you say soiled drawers?

Level 13
So im just farting around with my cards nothing heavy tweaking a little with GPU tweak trying to find a sweet spot. Between decent clock and lower temps until I can get under water with my pair of 2080Ti O11G cards. The after applying the last setting I go to load port royal and the screen locks then starts and it wont load the bench. I launch GPUZ and that locks it up. So reboot, and uninstall GPU Tweak and wipe it (this is getting old as it keeps causing problems) and im none the better. OK so lets reinstall drivers.....nope loader fails. reboot and the cards have big yellow triangles in device manager. Im like great.....DDU.....nope....several attempts and then reboot, cards lights are flashing red and no display. Im like great.....$3000 worth of cards cooked. So try them one at a time....nope. Now Im thinking my PSU has crapped the bed as even though its 1500 watts these cards pull some serious juice. So pull them and put in my trusty back up and I get a display and im like great they really are cooked. Well booting into widows the circling dots stop circling.....brand new 905P drive just put it in. So hard power off and start again and disk check and repair commences all by itself, when it finishes I boot up, it loads default drivers then I install a clean install of the drivers. OK now that card is up. So lets see what happens when I yank it and put in one of the 2080Tis. It went OK, booted and reloaded drivers again and it benched a run at default no problems. Install second card and Nvlink bridge, reload again because for whatever reason it doenst like initiating SLI manually, wants you to shut down half dozen back ground apps that makes no sense and reboot....reload is just easier. So it takes no problems and I can wipe my shorts out. Ive had it do strange things but not to this level. Like it harshed the direvers and the kernel and the MBR. new drive makes me wonder but this is not the first episode with GPU tweak on these cards where it just locks in messed up whatever and I have to jump through flaming hoops to recover. Im thinking Im going to sit back a bit and not install it again until a new release comes out. It had its little quirks with pascal cards but its majorly going fubar on these 2080Ti's. Maybe needs some optimization. it wasnt clocks as I dialed it back to 1700 from 1805 just trying to ge to where I still get some decent performance without having to open my door. I guess 1650 will do for now.

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Level 7
Good luck and hope the block performs well.

As for me, luckily, I have a relative in the US who's going back to our country this February and is willing to deliver to me the block. So I went ahead and bought the block. Since the block can only be bought in the US, I can't afford to wait for another week or two and risk the block not arriving on time. This is also my first time to build a watercooling rig, so it's a good thing this thread exists. May be able to learn a thing or two

Level 13
Only one place here has them ATM. Phanteks USA in Walnut Ca Just east of LA.
Finding that was a bit obscure, had to go on the phanteks global site, where to buy and click on the map that listed some vendors I never heard of. Then a few of the regulars, Newegg that doesnt have them and Performance PCs that doesn't have them. All the way to the bottom Phanteks USA that this is the only waterblock the page shows and even the rest of the site is pretty barren.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein