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Can i buy and Replace my GPU heat sink.

Level 7
Hi Everyone,

I have ROG Strix GTX 1660 TI Can i buy and replace my GPU Heatsink?

Level 11
Yes and No! There are Consumer Protection laws and Corporation Protection Laws. For some reason Corporations prevail in some Countries and not in other Countries. Review your Country warranty laws.

For example: Search for: What if I remove the void warranty sticker?

If it is still under warranty (I'm doubtful?) then send it to ASUS as RMA.

If no warranty then you will have to find a heatsink on Ebay. They are not available for purchase separately. Keep in mind that another brand of heatsink may not fit so you would need another Strix 1660 TI heatsink.
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Level 14
Barrow makes a full cover water block for the Strix GTX 1660 Ti card.

Level 13
If you are just looking for a heat sink your best bet would be to find a donor card on fleabay.
Trying to use anything but OEM is dicey at best.
Any particular reason you want to change?

Level 13
I check with with distributor in my country. No individual of GPU heat sink as a component part to be purchased.

Level 13
They typically are not available as a part. Thats why I suggest Fleabay. People will sell cooked cards with fans and heat sinks that work just fine.