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BSOD/Random color screen on my GTX970

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Hi everybody,

I decided to post a question here since I already don't know where to go with my detective story.

Sometime ago I bought a bit used STRIX GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5. It runned well for some time (almost for one evening:D), and after that started failing in game.
It was a single color (random) screen, with hard BSOD or NVIDIA driver restart, and a cyclic noise from soundcard.
In games it may happen either in 2 minutes, or sometimes within 30-120minutes. The temperature is ok, not more than 78 degrees, but most BSODs happen under 70+ degrees
In Windows it also may fail, maybe once per 10 hours, sometimes in skype, and mainly while browsing internet .

I tried everything - different computers, with different OSes, and PSUs, driver versions, and everywhere the problem exists. So it looks definitely a hardware issue.

I took the card to the service, and they found that somebody already tried to reball the GPU, because of some problems, but looks like it didn't help in the end.
So the serviceman reballed the GPU again, and checked with microscope and soldered all the power system elements.
I tried the card again, and the problem still occurs. The serviceman suggested to make a stable +37mV setting in GPU Tweak or Afterburner, but it also didn't help, though looked like the frequency of crashes became a bit lower.

Please advice what else could lead to such problems? Randomly failing RAM? PWM? Quartz ossilator? I googled and googled, found lots of similar cases but no solution yet.

Hi Myststalker

Welcome to the ROG forum.

From what you describe it sounds like a gpu problem, would you have another gpu to test with?

If not remove the 970 and try with the onboard graphics if you have it.

A list of your pc specs could be helpful.

HI Nate,
As I wrote before, I checked this videocard on several computers, and it fails everywhere. So it is exactly problem of videocard itself.
I just try to understand, is it problem of GPU (still), or some other (video memory, PWM controller, or something else).

In all modes there are no visible artefacts at all, just sudden crashes happen after some period of time.

And of course, with all other videocards my PC works fine (used GTX660, 560TI, and onboard graphics as well).


Dear Nate,

I would be happy to RMA it, but I bought the used card. And a strange thing, the end of serial number is scratched or something, so I can't check it on Asus website.
Of course I can always either throw it away or resell at nearly zero price, but I think it is better to find the defect and amend if possible.

I just was hoping that somebody already had such problem and could suggest.

Thank you!

I doubt you'll be able to fix it, you'd be better off getting another one or better yet upgrading to a gtx 1070.