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Black and white chequered screen randomly appearing

Level 7

Recently I have been getting these black and white checks in different places around my ROG PG279Q monitor screen,(see attached photo), I am using a MSI RTX3090 GPU, it can go days without happening but then it will start popping up around different places on the screen, a reboot or two stops it for a while but back in comes and has been doing this for 3-4 weeks, it becomes annoying whilst gaming, if anyone has faced this problem or has any idea what is causing this I would be eternally grateful for your input.432759197_2070776359972664_6629703065474112692_n.jpg 


Super Moderator

Hi @geecee61 

Are you using any form of riser cable? Does the behaviour occur on both DP and HDMI?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Hi, thank you for your reply, to the first question no I am not using a riser cable, I have yet to try with an HDMI cable, I have always used a DP cable, but this has worked perfectly for nearly 2 years until recently,

I will give this a try now

Same with HDMII


Level 10

Hi geecee61

Sounds to me like faulty VRAM(s)?! Maybe u only get these errors if the faulty VRAM(s) are corresponding with datas.
This could be the  reason, why u sometimes get errors and sometimes not.

Programs like MemtestG80 and MemtestCL can be used to identify possible hardware-defects on GPUs.
(I've never used these programs and Idk, if there are poss. better programs available.... just saying)

Have a good time 🙂

Thank you for the imput Simon, it seems the artifacts only happen using MSN, I have tried using Chrome without issue so far, MemetestG80 showed no real issues, sadly I can not switch to Chrome fully, so the problem continues.