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Bios Update request for ROG STRIX 2080TI OC - MORE TDP PLEASE

Level 7
Hello world,
the question is simple: is there any plan to release a firmware update with an encreased max TDP, at least for the P bios, for the ROG STRIX OC 2080Ti?
The card is awesome, but is a pity that the "probably" best of the high end 2080Ti is limited by the lowest TDP (260std, 325W maxed out).
I don't want to mention every competitor, but they're all in the 366-373-380-406-450W range...

325 is too limiting for a top range card with OVERCLOCK EDITION in the name.

Obviously other method to improove the tdp are possible, but the bioses from the other cards (FE based or not) are not a good choice for an every-day overclock, because of the different output layout of the strix (2HDMI+2DP+1TC, vs the usual configuration 3DP+1HDMI+1TP), for the (very good) custom pcb of the strix, and so on...

The other ways are phisical mods, but again no-sense for every day and they will void the warranty.

I just want a legit bios update for my 15hundred € "OC-not-so-OC Strix"

So, can't we hope at least in a 375W (or something like that, so still pretty safe and in-specs)???

pleeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeee, this card is awesome for extreme oc, with hard-mods, and good (but nothing special against the competitors) ootb, but there's a world of everyday's decent oc possible in the middle, please make that possible!

PS: it's just a bios request, i don't need any advice on how to oc, mod, etc. etc...

Thanks in advance for any kind of consideration on my request,
Happy new touring year, Bye

Level 40
I believe Nvidia set the limits for all GPUs even aftermarket cards

Arne Saknussemm wrote:
I believe Nvidia set the limits for all GPUs even aftermarket cards

I believe it too, but the Strix is still ab.50W behind the competitors.

So I hope for something like 375W, that should be in the safety pci specs and nvidia has already allowed lot of bioses in that range.

They will not allow something like 450 (there's one, but is an exception for a limited ed...)

Level 14
Asking ASUS to make a modded bios for you is not going to work, at least you are polite enough to say please but that won't help.
There is a Gigabyte 380 watt bios floating around but I believe it is for the reference card, for the custom models you'll have to search for a custom bios, of course flashing video card bios may void your warranty

Level 7
I also would like the same BIOS for my 2080Ti Strix OC. It could much better with more juice.

If other cards with worst cooling system can get more watts, the Strix should handle it much better.

Did you flash the BIOS from other card even if it's a reference PCB?

I play in 4k all games and just a few don't get to 60fps. With a bit extra would be perfect.

What I can get with Asus Bios is:

150mhz core and 750mhz memories. Temps are great around 68°C.