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TUF-RTX4090 HDMI dual sound?

Hello I was interested in buying a TUF-RTX4090-24G-GAMING card.It has two HDMI ports. Is it possible to have dual sound come out of these ports at the same time? I need sound for my monitor in the bedroom and sound for my TV in the living room.Than...

yoda55 by Level 7
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Asus ROG Strix 4080 OC Overclock Issue

Hi ASUS.I have a problem with Overclocking the GPU Clock, it stays locked no matter what i try, it stays at (2625 Mhz). I tried different programs like the Geforce Experience Performance Overlay Tuner, GPU Tweak III, MSI Afterburner, even different W...

RTX 4090 - TUF OC & cable question

Hello,I recently purchased the 4090 and have seen all the melting topics. I have an EVGA suprernova 1000w G3 80+ gold PSU. It has 2 vga/pcie cables that split into two 8pins (essentially 4, 8 pin connectors). I see the 4090 comes with the adapter tha...

Asus tuf oc 4090 high hotspot temps.

Hi guys!I have the 4090 tuf oc and the last week I saw an increase at hotspot temp about 8-12c higher.The core about 1-2c higher and the memory at the same level like the beggining.The system is the same like before without any hw changes.The ambient...

Strix 4080 some rgb area not working

It is work before, but today I just notice that some rgb area not changing color when I changed in the armoury crate, so I reboot my computer and that rgb area went off and not light up. I tried reinstall armoury crate, clear cmos, re-slot the card....

belizwp by Level 7
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