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ROG STRIX RTX 2080 O8G - Thermal Pads

Hello, Is there anyone who know what are the dimensions and especially the thickness of the thermal pads for my graphics card ?Which hardness do you recommend ?For the thermal paste, do I need a classic type Thermal Grizzly or Cooler Master CryoFuze ...

OVKrieg by Level 7
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New batch of ROG 4090s made in Vietnam?

I recently got lucky and was able to get a new ROG OC 4090 sold and shipped by Newegg.I noticed in unboxing videos of the ROG OC 4090 on the back plate towards the left above the serial number sticker there is another white sticker. My card does not ...

Just how much of coil whine is fine?

I just bought ASUS ROG Strix RTX 4070 Ti OC model and sweet Christmas pudding, that thing sounds as if ants are sawing wood in it. It's so loud that even Define R6 cannot block it.https://youtu.be/hEIVW96vynQ

Terepin by Level 7
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4090 TUF Bios Screen errors.

I Just installed my 4090 TUF and upon posting i noticed it does a little what i would call Jitter and screen tear.My previous card did not have this issue at all and im very confused/ concerned what it can be. (3090Strix)My current PSU is the corsair...

RTX3080 Bios Help.

Hello, i wish to know if my video card (3080 10gb tuf lhr v2 OC - ID:10DE 2216 1043 8822) has the lastest bios, since i tried enabling resizable bar and i games are unplayable with it enabled. I heard that some cards need to update bios to work cor...

4090 availability

Hi, when will the Strix OC 4090 finally be available in larger quantities? ordered mine 10th of October.. Patience has its virtue, but well, it's fading.Cheers