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Make Future GPU Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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Monitor Blanking out in specific situations.

HI. I am trying to troubleshoot something and have some data to share and I'm curious to get some help here.Nvidia drivers are very recent.I changed 2 things. Moved to an Asus 4080 and main monitor is now a Dell 144hz 4k 32inch. Did this Jan 2nd. I...

revels by Level 7
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help with asus rog strix rtx 4090 oc temps

hello everyone i have asus rog strix 4090 oc for one month when i first install the gpu in 3dmark time spy and games my gpu temp was at 60c today my temps in the same benchmark go to 65-67c my room temps is the same 20c WHY IS my gpu get hotter doe...

3080 ti to 4080 questionable performance?

I just replaced EVGA 3080 ti with TUF-RTX4080-O16G-GAMING. The games I play are Halo Infinite, Halo Master Chief, Doom Eternal and the remastered Crysis games. I got 120 FPS on all those with the 3080 ti and that is what I am getting on 4080. Not sur...

Worried about the placement of thermal pads...

Hi,I just bought ASUS TUF RTX 3060 Ti with GDDR6X memory and I'm worried about the placement of thermal pads. Looks like the cooler doesn't fit correctly and the thermal pads cover only 50% of the memory chips. I can return this card for next 4 days,...


Port Royal with 4090 OC

I have my 4090 strix OC at +250 on the core and +1250 on the memory but Port Royal crashes consistently but other stress tests like Furmark and Kombustor work fine with that. I have to decrease PR core OC to +200 for it to work. I saw 2 or 3 posts in...

help with asus rog strix rtx 4090 oc hot spot temps

hello everyone i have asus rog strix rtx 4090 oc when i play games my gpu temp is 66-68c and my hot spot temp is 80-82c does it risky or safe temp?when i run 3dmark time spy my gpu get 69c and my hot spot is 86c does the temp is ok?what is the max sa...

TUF-RTX4090 HDMI dual sound?

Hello I was interested in buying a TUF-RTX4090-24G-GAMING card.It has two HDMI ports. Is it possible to have dual sound come out of these ports at the same time? I need sound for my monitor in the bedroom and sound for my TV in the living room.Than...

yoda55 by Level 7
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Asus ROG Strix 4080 OC Overclock Issue

Hi ASUS.I have a problem with Overclocking the GPU Clock, it stays locked no matter what i try, it stays at (2625 Mhz). I tried different programs like the Geforce Experience Performance Overlay Tuner, GPU Tweak III, MSI Afterburner, even different W...