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Make Future GPU Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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new GPUTweak 2 version confusion?

What's up with the new weird version of GPUTweak2? (the latest update)Description: GPUTweak2_Ver1.3.7.0 , update 2016/12/22Description: GPUTweak2 Ver1.4.0.8, update 2016/11/29Description: GPUTweak2 Ver1.3.9.7, update 2016/10/19(https://www.asus.com/...

Lob by Level 7
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What is this nvstreamuseragent ? I am getting nvstreamuseragent errors in event viewer just after booting to Windows 10. Is this related to hardware? My cpu 6700k stock, Gtx 1080Why they only after when i boot to Windows?

sde444 by Level 10
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Unlocked voltage with 980ti

Hi, this is not really a problem just a question/general discussion. I have gigabyte 980ti g1 gaming and using it with msi afterburner. I am using +150mhz overclock on core and +400mhz memory.I used to have voltage unlocked and set to +87mv, but some...

1080 Strix weird squares appearing

Had this card for like 5 months, but now those squares appear on screen and sometimes there is weird colors appearing. Has anyone encountered this? I tried to contact the asus "Support" but apparently they do not support this product in my country, n...

Voredor by Level 7
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ASUS GTX 1080 STRIX - Fan issue

I recently purchased a ASUS STRIX 1080 and was very satisfied with the card all around and performance wise. I’ve been using the card for about 10 days now and was able to play BF1, CS:GO, etc. with no issues. Today, I went and attempted to play BF...

rm527 by Level 7
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Hot Fix Driver 376.48

Workaround to fix incorrect Folding@home work units. Fixed random flashes in Just Cause 3. Fixed some issues that could lead to Battlefield 1 crash Fixed SLI texture flickering in Battlefield 1. Fixed corruption in War...

Heini by Level 11
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GTA V weird fps fluctuations of each gameplay sessions

Hello. So i am getting weird fps fluctuations in GTA V. good cpu and gpu temps.*6700K stock *GTX 1080 Asus Strix normal clocks *Corsair 750 RM *For example. I drive in some always the same grassy area without traffic,without animals. In screen only ...

sde444 by Level 10
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1070 Founders Edition fans always 100%

I am having a trouble with my graphics card.Temperatures are low, display is great, but since some days ago, its fans are always spinning at full speed (about 5000 rpm)-I did not any hardware change.Trying to solve this problem, I installed different...

BSOD/Random color screen on my GTX970

Hi everybody,I decided to post a question here since I already don't know where to go with my detective story.Sometime ago I bought a bit used STRIX GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5. It runned well for some time (almost for one evening:D), and after that started f...