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Batman Arkham Knight -stutter after few minutes of gameplay. Should i upgrade ram?

Level 10
Hello. I have a question about ram usage in Batman Arkham Knight. I have weird fps dropps when driving batmobile to 45 fps+ for a second then back again to 70fps. My cpu is 4790k, Asus Strix 980 Ti . I checked in youtube some user movies with the same GPU and CPU but with 16gb ram and they dont have that drops to 45-50 fps while driving in batmobile. Only me is dropping to 45-50 fps when i am driving fast in batmobile. Fps just goes to 45-50 fps and back again to 70-80s. Other peoples when i saw on youtube dont have that problem.

So i have a question. Is this because of my ram or maybe i must buy SSD ? I checked usage of ram and its 6gb. Cummulative usage of ram is 10gb. I must buy more ram or not? Thx
I have the newest drivers.

I know that game is not optimized well, but why other peoples have stable 70-80 fps when ME not.
I am confused. Because ram usage is 5,8gb and cummulative usage is 10 gb. I have Windows 10. Is this because of ram or maybe i must have SSD? Game after 3-4 minute of gameplay starts lagging like i said.
Yes temps of cpu and gpu are fine. No throttling.

My pc:
4790K stock
8gb ram 1600mhz
Asus Strix 980 Ti
Windows 10
newest drivers nvidia

Please help me. I must decide today to buy 16gb ram or not.
I minimize game to check ram usage: