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AURA - STRIX 2070 RTX card not syncing with motherboard

Level 7
Just purchased a STRIX RTX 2070 and trying to sync the lighting with my motherboard, but the graphic card does not show up in the AURA program (that I use to control my other motherboard and case lights).

The only way I can control the lights on the card is by using the separate AURA program for graphic cards and then they are not sync'ed. The box says AURA sync...

My motherboard is a Maximus IX Hero.

Anybody that can help?

Level 8
What version of aura do you use? If 1.06.17 (or any version before autumn 2018) - uninstall it and update to newer version. Correct update procedure you can find here.
English is not my native language, so I'm sorry if I make some mistakes.

Level 7

I had updated Aura, but had not used the unistall procedure that you link to.

Tried it with the "official" latest version 1.07.55, but it did not work.

Found out there is a beta version 1.07.71 and tried it with that version, and now it works as intended. 🙂

Thank you for the help.