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ASUS X99/RTX2070 d6 error urgently need help!

Level 7
Hi Folks:

Big help needed!!!

Just upgraded from GTX970 to RTX 2070 Strix O8G. I keep getting the d6 error when power on, the GPU red LED lights up and beeps one long three shorts. When I switch back to the 970, all system is a go without a problem. If I unplug the card and plug it back and restart the board, 2070 gets posted sometimes, most time I get the d6 error again.

I pretty much tried everything, already flashed the BIOS, installed 417.58, plugged the PSU into the wall instead of an outlet, switched to PCIe 3/4... it's just super unstable, it's almost like I can't have the system go to sleep/restart. Otherwise, I'm risking d6.

The only thing I can think of is the PSU, which is a three years old Corsair 750W, but if it's the PSU how come my 970 runs fine and 2070 runs fine "sometimes" too???

If anyone has any suggestions much appreciated!