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ASUS UEFI vBIOS tool for GTX 600 series cards! It's Here!

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Hi Everyone,

Here is the tool link. Please search for your model from the list and then click on BIOS.

This bit is critical:
* You will be UNABLE to flash back to the original legacy-only BIOS. HOWEVER, the new GOP UEFI BIOS is actually a Hybrid BIOS. It includes the legacy one as well as the UEFI one. But...
* We are only able to qualify its use ASUS motherboards: that includes those with UEFI BIOS' and those with older legacy BIOS' (we've checked on boards up to ~4 years ago). Other motherboards might work with our UEFI graphics cards but we cannot officially endorse compatibility as we don't have access to all BIOS and board revisions. The software checks if your motherboard is compatible.
* (If you intend to sell-on your card to fund a future upgrade, since you can't flash back, remember this decision affects the next person you sell to)


Do you need this GOP UEFI update?
If you want to use Win 8 Fast Boot, then yet, otherwise no. Do not upgrade if you don't need to. (If it works, don't fix it )

What factors do you need to get Win 8 Fast Boot running?
Only these motherboards listed below support Win 8 Fast Boot, due to a major, ground-up re-write to make the UEFI spec compatible with the Win function (this doesn't just affect ASUS motherboards FYI).

- All Intel 7 Series
- Upcoming Intel 8 Series
- Intel X79 Series updated to Win8 BIOS (3xxx)
- Intel H61 Series R2.0 or later
- All AMD R2.0 Series or later


Despite others being 'UEFI' boards (P67, Z68 etc) they are not compatible with Win 8 Fast Boot even after you update to GOP UEFI on your graphics card.

So, it's a Hybrid BIOS? Does that mean if I plan to upgrade my motherboard and OS to Win 8 later I can still update my GPU BIOS now?
As long as you own an ASUS board, sure. Upgrading the GPU now in preparation will still allow it to fall-back to legacy mode on your ASUS motherboard for the time being. You should see no change in the way it functions or performs. We still encourage the 'if it's not broke, don't fix it' though.

You will need:

Windows 8
UEFI compatible motherboard
GTX 600 or Radeon 7000 series graphics card
NOT OVERCLOCKED SYSTEM - DON'T RISK IT! Take normal BIOS flashing precautions.
If you run an CrossFire/SLI system, our advise is that you install 1 card at a time for this process.

Thanks for your patience everyone!
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Level 7
Glad you guys got it sorted. You might want to check your vbios with Lordkags´s updater. Great chances for a even newer GOP, as his software is under permanent development.

Good evening,
the link no longer works someone could give me a link to download the software to update my graphics card series GTX 660 TOP? Thank you!

why I have this error normally the tool should help me put my graphics card in UEFI bios


ps: I just found the version V1.1.1.0 ASUS_VGA_UEFI_VBIOS_Update

sorry i can speak French, my English is not good

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Faucks my second language is French , sometimes I post in the France forums your English is great