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Asus Turkey Service Unauthorised Repair and Gross negligence

Level 7

Hello, I own a Asus Tuf 4070 Ti and had to send it to service (ServisPoint) under warranty about 5 months ago due to overheating issues. I have a well ventilated case with 8 fans inside (positive pressure). Despite this gpu had 80 degrees temps with over 100 hotspot. I figured it could be dried thermal paste due to it being 1 year old. The service centre returned the item with an unreported damage on screw. I tried to make a complaint about this but they simply claimed it was there to begin with. I had not sent a proof of this to Asus beforehand as I was unaware of the infamous reputation of the service centre. The repair report also had no information regarding temperatures seen on tests after thermal replacement, effectively denying responsibility of it ever happening.

5 months after, gpu temps were keep raising and I found out that it had a pump out. The temps were 83-84 degrees (throttling) and the hotspot was 110 degrees. This was quite impossible to happen so quickly, I also work in computer repairs, none of the thermal pastes I used ever caused pump out in such a short notice. The shortest one was 11 months. The thermal paste producers also claim to guarantee their products for 2-8 years depending on brand. This could only happen if the service centre wrongly applied the thermal paste or used a counterfeit thermal paste. I sent it to the service under warranty again with proof of benchmark tests and thermals.

This time I well documented my requests in the RMA form and in the email following the RMA form directly to Asus. I pictured the gpu from every angle and sent it to Asus through email right after handing the gpu to the courier. I clearly explained that I did not consent to any of the repair or any actions without me directly notified beforehand and asked before proceeding. I left my personal number and included a formal signed letter that I explained I wanted the repair report to be thoroughly detailed and would not accept any unauthorised repairs. I also mentioned that Asus would be solely responsible if any unauthorised repairs were to happen or the requests in the RMA form to be ignored. Asus approved my RMA form, therefore, legally agreed on the conditions I included within the form. The request also included that under the Turkish Warranty Obligations, I wanted a replacement due to the same issue repeating the second time.

After 2 days of sending the gpu, I noticed that my gpu wasn't registered in the service centre despite them obtaining the delivery package hours before. When I inquired about my concern to the Asus representatives, they assured me it would be entered to the system and I would be called for my requests included in the RMA form. The gpu was registered to the service centre out of the working hours (after 5pm) and finished the repair at 11pm, leaving me with no chance to call or reach to any of the representatives or service centre. This was also Friday and they had told me that service centre did not work on Saturday.

On Monday, I called Asus immediately within the working hours 9am and inquired about the my repair. Asus representatives said that maintenance has been done on my gpu and the thermal paste was replaced. The gpu was also on his way to me. I told the representatives, I explicitly didn't consent to any repairs and only had one request that could be denied or accepted. Either way, I was also had to be notified under the conditions RMA form included. Asus representatives denied my claims, denied everything included within RMA form despite it being agreed upon and approved by Asus. They also denied working outside work hours but it was somehow sent and repaired outside work hours?.

I would like to know what actions I can take regarding this issue. I have documented everything on emails and screenshots. Asus told me that I will be responsible of any damages upon picking up and had to send a complaint to courier if there were any damages. However, this is impossible to do, the gpu package is well protected and Asus legally responsible of the couirer service under warranty. I am worried if I pick the gpu up from delivery, I will be falsely accused of any damages on the GPU the second time despite having proof due to Asus' service centre (ServisPoint) issues. I have no doubt the repair report will also be missing information on the tempature tests again to prevent me trying to have any claims regarding heating issue. 

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