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ASUS TUF OC RTX 4070 ti, red light always on.

Level 7
Hi, I have the ASUS TUF OC RTX 4070 ti and using the cable that came in the box and plug that into 2 separate PCIe cables that go to my EVGA Supernova 850G+ PSU (it doesn't have 16 pin native). When it's on or off the red light is always on and i checked the cables and they are 100% inserted. Doesn't mater what state my PC is in the red light is on constantly despite the card working 100% correctly in all games i play and even boosts over 2900mhz. Is this normal or something to worry about?

Picture of the red light on.

My answer from Asus “ your card is defective if the light is remaining on while the pc is powered” if it’s working properly but the light is on that means the card is most likely defective and you should take it back where purchased and get a new card, alternatively Asus will ask you to ship it to them for a warranty claim they will either fix the card or replace it when one is available, you can put a $1400 hold on a debit/credit card and they will ship you a new card and remove the hold when the receive the old card at the warehouse. It seems this is a common issue but Asus says it’s not, but the card will function as normal even with the light being on (they say and technically it did) but they will replace/fix the card For free. 

I did at one point talk to someone who said it’s normal and my card is working properly they light is always meant to be on and I 100% believe they are just trying to get me off the phone so they didn’t have to deal with it… 

 I took my card back to micro center and the new card works flawlessly no lights at all even when powered off, with the same power supply and cables that I had in my defective card. 

Level 7

Maybe you  will find this video helpful.