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Asus tuf oc 4090 high hotspot temps.

Level 7
Hi guys!
I have the 4090 tuf oc and the last week I saw an increase at hotspot temp about 8-12c higher.The core about 1-2c higher and the memory at the same level like the beggining.The system is the same like before without any hw changes.
The ambient temp its the same too. *Νotice i have custom aggressive fan curve to afterburner and gpu tweak at performance bios.

I have the card about one month and the last 1.5 week i notice this behaviour.
At the beggining i was about 68-70c hotspot at 460+w and now even at full fans speed at same watts im about 78-81c.At 500w im close to 85c while i test it.

So im thinking is it time for rma?

Sorry for my English isnt my native language!