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ASUS TUF 4090 OC Stretched Glitchy Textures, Crashing and Artifacting.

Level 8

I bought my 4090 from Microcenter in February. All was good for a while when I did get to use it however I dealt with a ton of motherboard problems ( also Asus ) at the time and had to RMA that. Now my PC has been back together for a few months I have been having problems with my 4090 that I am trying to ignore or explain away. It started with green pixelized dots in Doom Eternal. Then in several games textures would be stretched or wig out. Diablo 4 boxes and corpses would have stretched corrupted textures, Street Fighter 6 textures would flash and stretch across the screen, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor huge texture corruption, flickering blacked out textures. Resident Evil 4 Remake multicolored artifacts, crashing, and textures stretched and corrupted. Black screen flickering in multiple games. All culminating in this morning playing Baldur's Gates 3 this morning and I started getting light artifacts in conversations and textures flickering and distorting. It was the final straw. I have blamed drivers but the issue have been present across 3 or 4 driver releases now. Black screen flickering has gotten worse. There are more examples as well like Ratchet and Clank on PC. I keep thinking it is poor PC ports or bad optimization ( Jedi Survivor, Diablo ). Restarting the PC can make these issue go away for a bit but they away crop back up. I should RMA this card right? I game @ 4K 144hz. Sometimes I can play for hours on multiple games without any of these issues however over 2 months or so it seems to be getting worse. Worth noting the cards temp during gaming like BG3 is 76-78c. 


Level 8

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Hello, yes, it sounds like the GPU is faulty. If you're using a riser cable, ensure that you try without - but the behaviour is typical of GPU failure. Contact support for your region.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090