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Asus tuf 3080ti black screen crush

Level 8

Good day to all! I've been struggling with this problem for several months. Periodically a black screen appears with the system completely shutting down. The video card is connected by 2 cables to the power supply. The voltage on the 12-volt line is normal. System characteristics: intel 9900k, Asus maximus formula xi, Samsung 970 pro, corsair rm1000. Passes OCCT and FurMark tests and others with ease. But in games the system crashes spontaneously to 0. Sometimes several times an hour, sometimes once a day, sometimes it may not crash for a week. Has anyone encountered a similar problem?


Level 10

First I have to say, I dont had/have this problem and I dont have this GPU (I use Strix 4090 OC).
But it sounds to me like either a PSU Problem (1 unstable PCIE-Connection/Port,  faulty Cable maybe) or a GPU VRAM Problem of the Card itself. I hope u not daisy-chain the power cables from one PCIE-Port.
Well the stuttering could be driver related since Nvidia still have Problems with Youtube and co.
But the crash could be a faulty VRAM sector. 
Just my 5 cent. Hope I could give u some input to the problem.
Good luck to get the error fixed 🙂

Thanks for the idea, theoretically this is possible. But then to make sure I need to catch this error exactly, is there a way to check Vram?

Unfortunately I dont think there is a way to check it without a special laboratory software. 
Not sure if there is a simple software, that can handle it with a accurate result.
Normally DxDiag can be used. A possible error could be the typical Nvidia Error 
"Fatal DirectX Error 11000002" during games or the typical BSOD error about Memory in the dump file
( C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP or Minidump).
Do u have one or more red blinking lights at the power-connector(s) on ur GPU?


Level 8

I am confused by the temperature in the HotSpot, although all thermal interfaces have been replaced