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Asus TUF 3080 vs Strix 3080?

Level 9
What's the difference between these two cards, I know the strix is more expensive, but why? In previous generations TUF was considered bad, but with ampere TUF seems even better than some high-end cards from other companies. After checking the asus website, it seems like strix will use the same fans/cooling as TUF, and will only have a bit higher clock, but it's my understanding that TUF cards will boost just as high if the temperature and power is right.
Should I try to get the TUF card now, or should I wait for the strix? Also when does strix release anyway?

Level 40
I haven't seen the Strix yet....not sure what concrete difference there is...maybe some components....power delivery etc.

I have seen the TUF and thought it was a very good card....ran cool and OCd pretty well too. I don't htink the difference between the two will be that great...