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Asus strix RTX 2060 O6G fan clicking

Level 7
Hello, I want to share with you problem I have and problem for many people around internet about fan clicking on RTX cards. In my case this click only happen in Q-mode, and makes very faint but clear rattling noise when the fans start and stop during a gaming session. For example in moba games where, due to the lower temperature, the fan often turns on and off. Every time when fan start, can be heard that click noise. Need to say that click noise is only present on first fan, fan close to video ports, in my case and in any other case from other people. If I use P-mode when fan spining all time, that click not happen. I read on many forums around internet especially on EVGA and bunch of people have same problem. I dont think that bearings has something with this, bcs many people have problem with new cards like me. I tested my card in afterburner on fan speed 20,30,40....100% not any one click...
Please explanation from asus or somone who knows about this problem and how to fix it.

Level 7
Might be too late of an answer now but I had the same issue with a fan on my GTX 970, solved by taking the fans apart and add some lubricant fluid. You can probably find tutorials on youtube, you shouldn't have to take the whole heatsink apart which would void warranty if you damage the sticker on one of those screws in the back.

Level 13
Id say this is the magnetic flux. Try just setting a fan curve with fans always on at a very low speed or just do what I did, rip that crap off and put on a water block.

Level 7
Thank you ppl 🙂