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asus strix oc 2080 super oc scanner problems

Level 7

I recently bought an ASUS Strix 2080 super OC, I've been trying to use OC Scanner on it but the results are always 0 mhz avg overlock, I've tried GPU Tweak aswell since its an ASUS program but got the same results, anyone having the same experiences as me or do i have a problem on my graphics card? I've done benchmarks and been gaming with +50 core +1000 mem without any problems without even increasing voltage. I know manual overclocking is always the safest bet, but i just wanted a baseline from oc scanner to work with.

15:14:40 Connected to MSI Afterburner control interface v2.3
15:14:42 GPU1 : VEN_10DE&DEV_1E81&SUBSYS_87111043&REV_A1&BUS_1&DEV_0&FN_0
15:14:42 Memory clock +0MHz
15:14:42 Overvoltage 100%
15:14:42 Power limit 125%
15:14:42 Thermal limit 88 °C
15:14:42 Fan speed 1 Auto
15:14:42 Fan speed 2 Auto
15:14:42 Start scanning, please wait a few minutes
15:14:45 Scanning point 1 of 4
15:17:24 Scanning point 2 of 4
15:20:28 Scanning point 3 of 4
15:23:26 Scanning point 4 of 4
15:26:24 Scan succeeded, average overclock is 0MHz
15:26:24 Dominant limiters
15:26:24 No load
15:26:24 Overclocked curve exported to MSI Afterb