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Asus Strix GTX 1080Ti O11G Lights on near PCIE connectors (What are these lights?)

Level 7
So I'm pretty sure that I have never seen these two white lights stay turned on on my Asus Strix GTX 1080Ti O11G when my PC is shutdown.

I recently loaded optimized defaults in my IX Formula's BIOS and ever since then, these GPU lights have stayed on. I tried switching back to my OC profile in the BIOS but the lights still stay on when the PC is shutdown.

I'm almost positive that I have never seen these lights stay turned on when my PC was shutdown. Is there a way I can turn them off? And what's causing them to stay on? And what are these lights in general?


cant you change it with "Asus GPU Tweak II" ?

Kyle Ragnador wrote:
cant you change it with "Asus GPU Tweak II" ?

No. Those LEDs are for indicating whether the PCIe cable is properly inserted into the PCIe connector.

White = Yes
Red = No

Level 13
Proper seating and 5V standby power present. They are all this way. *It's when they are not lit that one should begin to worry

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Shut down your PC in "S4 + S5" power mod , you can change this setting in your motherboard bios.

Note : In this mode your system at cold startup may start and stop one or two time , don t worry It s normal and in this mode you can t use some ability of PC, LAN pc wake up , mouse/keyboard move pc wake up etc.. group of useless things generally.:)