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ASUS STRIX GTX 1080 Ti, DP + DVI-D Don't Work Simultaneously

Level 7

So this morning I'm unable to run both DisplayPort and DVI-D simultaneously on my ASUS GTX 1080 Ti. Separately they work fine.
This has been working from when I installed my 1080 Ti a couple of months back until today. I have not changed any hardware or software.
I simply watched a few Twitch streams yesterday, turned off the PC, went to bed, got up this morning and powered the PC on, only to have one monitor active.

- If I only have the DisplayPort connected, and then proceed to connect the DVI-D then I get "No Signal" on the DisplayPort, and the image jumps over to the DVI-D.
- If I only have the DVI-D connected, and proceed to connect the DisplayPort then the image stays on the DVI-D display, and I get a brief "No Signal" popup on the DisplayPort display.
- Tried removing nvidia drivers completely using Safe Mode boot and DDU, then re-installing latest drivers using "Clean Install". Same issue.
- Tried other cables, both DVI-D and DisplayPort. Same issue.
- Tried both of the DisplayPort ports on the GPU. Same issue.
- Tried inserting GPU into another PCI slot on the MBD. Same issue.
- Made sure all PSU pwr cables were seated correctly, which they were.
- Before this issue occured it's worth mentioning that I also had these issues: Strix 1080ti stuck on different clock rates

PC Specs
1st Monitor: Asus VG248QE 144hz 1080p (Connected via DisplayPort)
2nd Monitor: BenQ XL2410T 120hz 1080p (Connected via DVI-D)
CPU: Intel i7 5930K
GPU: Asus STRIX GTX 1080 Ti
RAM: 4x 4GB Corsair Plat. DDR4 2800MHz
MBD: Asus Rampage V Extreme (BIOS 3701, CSM disabled)
PSU: Seasonic Prime 750w Titanium
NAND SSD: Samsung 950 512GB Pro M.2
SSD: OCZ Vertex 4 256GB
SSD: OCZ Vertex 4 256GB
Case: NZXT H440 Black
CPU Cooling: NZXT Kraken X62
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 (OS Build 15063.447)

Does anyone know what this could be?

Level 14
The X99 motherboard and Haswell-E processor have no iGPU and no video outputs.

The Strix 1080Ti card has one DVI-D (DL), two HDMI (2.0), and two DP (1.4) outputs.
Multi-display support is limited to what's provided by NVIDIA Mosaic, nView, and 3D Vision (3D Surround, HD 3D, etc). In general, NVIDIA's stuff only allows up to three monitors to be used, at identical resolution, identical refresh, and identical output type (DP, HDMI, DVI, etc).
You might be able to run your DVI/DP multi-monitor in a linux, but the NVIDIA software/drivers will make it very hard in Windows.
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Level 7
Aight, got it working... After 4 hours of troubleshooting.

The power cord to the 1st monitor appears to have shorted out the GPU. I rammed the cord all the way up the display's socket. Then I got both displays up.
If you end up reading this if you're experiencing the same problems on an Asus VG248QE, just secure the power cord tightly.

All this troubleshooting and it's just a display power cord... :confused:
Thanks for the help anyway, Korth.