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Asus Strix 980 Ti - random clicky\scratchy fan noises when spinning.

Level 10
Hello. Its my second topic here but know i want to be sure about this. So listen.

Month ago i bought my graphic card Asus Strix 980 Ti. Also i have a little problem. When i launch a game and fans accelerates ( spins up ) i can hear randomly ( not always ) for a moment little audible clicking\scratchy noises from a fans. Then after minute noise is gone and all is ok.
The fans on card just make randomly clicking\scratching noises when starting spinning. Then noise is gone after 1 minute of gaming .Is this reason to RMA?

Here is the noise what i am talking about ( in link this noise is from Asus Gtx 970 strix , but the noise is the same on my card Asus Gtx 980 Strix)

watch( i am talking about noise from second 0:39 - 0:43 ) 0:39 - 0:43 second .

This noise i have ( NOT ALWAYS , JUST RANDOMLY ) when card starting spinning. Can somebody explain me why it happens randomly and not always? And of course its not normal ? Please help me and answer .

Level 40
No not normal....should be silent....sounds like a bad fan...wobbling at certain rpm or some can try to gently wiggle it on it's axis or just send it back

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Try checking the cables behind the fan blades. Mine was catching on one of them. Seems like a common issue.

Level 8
If nothing is in contact with fans then better RMA it.
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Level 9
Guys he is making such posts everywhere. He posts different videos if you see the video, he says it too, it is from a 970 strix.
Hint: Try to provide your own video.

Let get the other link from a other forum where a guy did gathered his posts on different forums