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Asus strix 980 - one of the fans start rattling.

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How to choose the suitable dishwasher faucet for the kitchen
The kitchen sink is used many times a day, a good dishwasher always makes the user happy. Therefore customers need to choose the best quality products to ensure durability, avoid damage, water leakage .. Currently there are many types of washers designed for kitchens with different materials such as stainless steel, copper, nickel, chrome ... So choose the dishwasher hose suitable for the space around the kitchen to create harmony, usefulness needed. If you choose the appropriate dishwasher, it will make your family's kitchen space become a modern luxury. So, which of the hundreds of types of kitchen sinks should you choose today?

Which new high-end sinks are good?

Malloca dishwasher
Malloca dishwashing faucet has a modern design, varied in style, details on the tap are meticulously completed with many different sizes suitable for each kitchen space of each family
Malloca faucet is made of copper plated stainless steel material without rusting even if used for a long time.

The hot Malloca dishwasher can also adjust the water temperature at the most appropriate level when used.

Malloca dishwasher fitting is simple as well as fast, suitable for many different wash basin designs.
Caesar sinks are very diverse in types, so customers have many choices to suit their interests and needs. The following patterns can be mentioned:

- Wall-mounted sink faucet: There are 2 options of cold or hot water, cold water tap has only one water inlet, meanwhile the cold water faucet has two inlets, the set includes the hose, the attached gaskets .

- Sink faucet with pots: There are also 2 types - cold or hot, cold faucet only 1 wire attached to the wall, and the hot and cold hose will have 2 wires attached to the wall.

The outstanding features of Caeser dishwasher:

- Made from 60% pure copper, the product has high durability

- Protected by 5 layers of chrome plating, solid nickel

- Accessories included such as snails, gaskets have good elasticity, abrasion resistance, withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees C

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Toto branded sanitary ware from Japan, so it partly confirmed its quality. Produced on the most modern and advanced technology lines, Toto premium dishwashing products always make customers completely satisfied with the quality as well as the modern luxury designs. With outstanding durability, despite being used for many years, the Toto dishwasher still works well, not rusty, ensuring safety for users.
Toto sink faucets are elegantly designed and luxurious, always highlighting the level of users. This outstanding advantage has helped Toto dishwasher faucet to be present in many families.

With the above advantages, Toto dishwasher deserves to hold an important position in our family. With the above advantages, Toto dishwashing faucet deserves a place in the dear family of all of us.

Kelas dishwasher

Kelas dishwasher with the use of hot and cold water, 180-degree rotation lever makes the user feel simple and comfortable. Kelas dishwashing faucet is designed with modern luxury, SUS 304 anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, durable, using water sources contaminated with alum. Simple installation, safe use.

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