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Asus Strix 970 very noisy fans

Level 7
Just got my STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5 and fired up the demo 3DMark benchmark. As expected, the fans are totally silent at low temperatures but they very quickly start to ramp up. About 1 minute into the demo they are really pretty loud. Not 100% loud but too much for me, I think. I fired up The Witcher 3 on ultra. Same - fans start to kick in and the noise seems more than it should be. I've played with asus gpu tweak 2 and afterburner - trying to set custom fan curves but it doesn't seem to help the noise levels while playing games.

I have an asus gtx 660 which is, in my opinion, completely quiet. Is there a way of tweaking the 970 to the same volume levels or should I give up on it?

There is also another issue with a kind of clicking noise during the 3DMark test. I am guessing this is the coil whine folk are talking about but I don't know.

Please give me a reason to keep this card - it's going back to amazon tomorrow if not 🙂


Level 7
Well, I returned the asus strix to amazon and got a gigabyte windforce gtx 970 G1 instead. It's just as quiet as my 660 so really pleased with it. Even when I try to cook it with the 3dMark demo, it doesn't sound too bad (yes I can hear it at full load but it's about 4x less annoying than the ASUS card). However, during regular game play the gigabyte 970 can only just be heard over the case fan, sometimes. Kind of ironic that the quiet card is called a 'Windforce' and the noisy card had 'Silent' slapped all over the box 🙂

Level 40
Yeah...that's marketing for you....glad you got it sorted....Amazon the best for that sort of thing