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Asus Strix 2080 Ti OC really loud? This was to be a silent card.

Level 7
Is it normal for this card to randomly start sounding like a hairdryer?

My pc is very silent the only thing doing loud noise is this, wasn't the strix brand supposed to be the silent cards?

Anything that might fix this? In the Gpu tweak the fan curve is auto mode, not like you can tweak it in the first place i guess?

mcmarky wrote:
Got a new ROG Strix RTX 2080 OC, fans are now silent as expected which is really great. 🙂

Enabled Q-BIOS, fan motors are hardly noticeable now, even when they begin to start. Very quite and silent now.

Bought that card at ASUS partner online shop.

Any coil whine on yours? My whole PC build is very silent and i am hearing this buzzing noise coming from the GPU which i didn't have with my older graphics card.

Unnaceptable for a gpu costing this much.

Level 8
Well, my PC is very silent too, using air cooling. Of course I can hear the coil whine or buzzing noise if the card is under load. But in my opinion it is not unusual or too loud. I think every highend graphic card exhaust such noise, I have not seen any highend card in the last years which doesnt have coil whine or buzzing.

First I use a noise damped case which stands on the floor and so far the noise is not a real problem for me. Second there is no alternative, so we have to live with it.