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ASUS Strix 1080 A8G 11gbs - temps & fans questions

Level 7
Hi community,

From 3 days im happy owner of Strix 1080 A8G. Everything for now looks ok, game is smooth, fps on ultra in 1440 are quite ok from 60 to 140 (depend on game) but sometime its quite noisy. But i have few questions about setting fans.

What is important to me - i loooove quiet. Im glad that this card can enable passive cooling system but honestly, i thought that will work better without fans spinning and i dont know what opts choose.

On idle (dekstop) temps in OC (or custom profil with similar config) with fans off (0db ON ) are 39-43 deg

On idle (desktop) temps in OC (or custom profil with similar config) with fans on (0db OFF or fans ON from 0deg) are 31-34 deg

While using PC to web browsing, some custom office work, movies with fans OFF temps are 45-50 deg and 36-38 deg with fans ON on slowest default speed (38% = 13xx rmp) - e.g. now i write here

In older games temps are always below 60 deg (e.g. Rise of the Tombrider / ultra/ hairworks / 1440p ) and fans < 1500rpm but fans spin almost always in games.

But i wonder how to set fans during typical works (pc in not only for gaming) and i dont want still using GPU Tweak to on/off fans while switching between work (dekstop), movies and gaming.

For card itself its ok to turn ON 0db and get even 50deg after some time in word, photoshop, movies, webbrowsing, youtube etc - is this affect on life lenght of GPU? PC is working even 12h/day or better to use fans all the time (but they can be heard even at lowest 38% speed) so Aghhh! and stop temps at ~35deg?

So first question what would u do: fans ON and < 35deg or fans off and 45-50 deg?

Second thing - is this normal that after gaming when temps were ~60 deg and Fans ON, temps after quiting game drops quite fast to 35 deg in few minutes, but with fans OFF below 55deg temps drops to ~45deg and no less (like in idle above?) - radiator cant lower them more efficient and they reach e.g 39-43deg after 20 mins ? i thought passive cooling (radiator) is more effective outside games cuz its extended peace of radiator.

Temps even if 45deg in passiive cooling dont affect CPU (idle 28-30 deg) and mobo so case has i think good airflow . What is funny and dont know if its normal when CPU temps go up (e.g installing game) and reach 60deg, the GPU temps then also are higher a bit (not 45-50 but 50-52)

What is important if u wonder about high idle temps and what is worth mentioning also i used during test and screenshots above extended desktop (27" g-sync monitor + still connected TV via hdmi) so why temps can be a bit higher than with 1 display source and automaticly lower resolution

At the end additional question to gamers - are this data ok or to high on 1440p?
Skyrim / high (many many mods) / cpu 45deg / gpu 55deg / 140fps
Rise of the Tomb Raider / high + purehair / cpu 45deg / gpu 60deg / 70fps
Mass Effect Andromeda / ultra /cpu 80deg / gpu 66deg /90fps - is this game well optimized? My cpu seems to use 100% 4 cores and is hotter than while rendering in my work xD and both cpu and gpu cooling systems are loud just after entering main menu (cpu cooler full speed so cant hear my thoughts ^^) even if i lower to fhd and lower settings - cpu is used much more than gpu

i dont have witcher 3 so cant test it ^^

My config:
Strix 1080 A8G 11gbs
i7 6700K + BQ
Z170 pro gaming
Fractal Define R5 with good airflow (closed side panel)
BQ 850W psu

Thanks in advance for any advices 🙂