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Asus ROG RTX2080Ti STRIX Advanced, Bios switch?

Level 9

Just got my Asus ROG RTX2080Ti Strix Advanced, wondering about he BIOS switch,

P MODE is normal/standard and Q MODE is quiet?

Level 10
Performance switch vs Quiet mode

Shanester wrote:
Performance switch vs Quiet mode
Thanks for the reply 😃

Level 7
The clock will be identical with both BIOs, but with P-mode the fan curve is more aggressive, hence the components are cooler, with Q-mode it will be vice versa, but the temperature will still be well below components spec

Level 9
@Coolguy906, thanks for the explanation, i also was checking reviews yesterday and what you said seems the same.

One thing that maybe someone from asus could help me, i tested yesterday both bios P MODE and Q MODE, and both netted the same results. I kinda think its the same bios in both switch positions. From what i read and posted coolguy906, the P BIOS would have a more aggressive curve, and according to reviews, it will also never stop the fans netting better idle and load temps at the expense of noise, while the Q BIOS should stop the fans on idle and also have a less aggressive fan curve, netting lower noise at the expense of higher temperatures.

In my testing, the switch on both settings, never stop the fans in idle, and the fan curve was the same, Heaven4 for 1 hour netter 66C in both settings @1950rpms the fans, this draws me to concluded that either the switch isn't switching the bios between bios or both bios are the same. So maybe someone from asus could help me into uploading the Q MODE BIOS for the ROG-STRIX-RTX2080TI-A11G-GAMING, in the past this has been done in the product page, like with the Asus GTX1080Ti Strix which Asus uploaded the quiet bios for people that wanted a more quiet stock fan curve, and the procedure of flashing was easy in windows.

Hi guys, Sorry for the totally noob question, but can the bios switch be switched while the computer is on?

DayofReck wrote:
Hi guys, Sorry for the totally noob question, but can the bios switch be switched while the computer is on?

Best to switch between modes when the system is powered off.
13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 10
My Poseidon no BIOS Switch, always in P-Mode. 🙂

I need to ask something just to be sure in future.
ASUS GTX1080Ti Poseidon Platinum have same PCB with ASUS Strix V1 or V2?

I ask because full cover waterblock.

EKWB say both waterblock and RGB and V2 are compatible with Poseidon.
Bitspower say nothing. I mean I didn't ask them.
But need to be sure if some cheaper waterblock show up somewhere I would like to know is it compatible or I need another revision.

Help, Help, Help...

Uuppp sorry guys, I forgot this is damn Turing Generation.
I'm still in Pascal era. Sorry.

Level 7
Its a little mess to find the BIOS-switch and here a sharper picture.

Level 13
It will only work well if your unplug your main PSU plug from socket , switch to Q mode or vice versa. That the lesson I thought from a Asus engineer.