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Asus rog poseidon 980ti red led light issue

Level 7
Hello, Guys just need help ab out my ROG poseidon 980ti, is there anyone have issue in there RED Led Light? anyone can help me
how to fix my ROG RED Light?

my ROG RED light is not working.. any solution to resolve it? im using win 10 and nvidia geforce version

Chino wrote:
But is the GPU working normally?

yes is work fine.

Level 10
That's bed if one little thing not work... If card work normal and I would try only to replace somehow mask with ASUS if that's possible.
If not I would not replace 100% working card only because that small detail.

Level 7
I have 2 of the 980ti Poseidon in SLI. i can only see the bottom blinking light. I would think that it can be replaced. It doesnt seem like a fixed item but it is attached well to the HS cover. If the GPU is still working as it should i wouldnt worry about that little blinking light. I cant get the nvidia stuff to work with the LED. Its always doing the same blinking.

I like the fact that out of all the posts on this forum this is the only one for the Poseidon thats active. Solid card or just that few of them sold. If its the 2nd part its a shame. I have been happy with this model.

Level 7
you can remove it and check it out


Level 15
Although you can take it apart yourself like b0gd4n suggested, do note that it will void your warranty once you disassemble the GPU. 🙂