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ASUS ROG 1080ti stuck @ 200mhz ish

Level 7
Hello, I suddenly have a slide show when trying to game the Witcher 3 runs @ about 10 fps, Heaven benchmark and 3d Mark Time spy run also @ 10 FPS due to the clock being stuck @ 200mhz ish.

The card operates normally in windows no glitching or artifacting or slide shows there. I checked the PCEi slots by using the RX570 and those operate normally. I moved the 1080ti to the other rig and ran Heaven and it boosted and was not stuck on 200mhz ish and did boost per normal to 1900ish. I tried DDU to remove the drivers but the problems remain, the clock is stuck @ 200mhz ish even when applying a pre-set or user OC profile, as well as setting the clock curve manually it will not budge. Does anyone got any idea on how to fix it? I have did not do a Win10 reinstall yet this would be my next step. As it operates normally when I put it in my other rig, it is not a hardware problem on the mobo or card side but some weird driver issue that I can not figure out.

My hardware:

8086K @ 5.2ghz, 32GB DDR4 @ 3200, 1080ti ASUS, Hero XI Mobo, Corsair RMx 850 watt.

1600X @ stock, 16 GB DDR4 @ 3200, RX 570 ASUS, X370 Strix Gaming Mobo, EVGA G2 750 watt

Level 8