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asus poseidon GTX 1080 Ti Water-cooled 65 degrees with fans on

Level 7
Dear medeforum lovers.

I have been in possession of the asus poseidon GTX 1080Ti for a couple of weeks. The video card is water-cooled naturally: D The card will be max 65 degrees only the fans will also turn around. This does not seem to me if the video card is water-cooled seems to me. Is this normal or I have a broken card?

Level 7
Sadly, after using a Support stick made of Balsa Wood for over a year, that does not help anymore to cool the card down to normal temps.

I will check my RMA status and send it in if I am still under RMA, if not, I will have to use the washer method described above or order a EKWB full cover block + backplate, which I really dont wanna do, that's 200€ total to fix Asus' mistake.

In idle my card is now 45°C and while gaming it goes 65+, which it never did when supported to counter the sag.
With the working support stick it hardly ever went past 50°C under stress tests, usually 47-49°C. Now I am TWENTY °C above that.

This is a shame for a 1k€ card, lemme tell you this !

Level 10
Mine temps are normal, but I hold GPU because ASUS didn't thought on other customers to provide us TUF/ROG VGA Holder.
He is small and invisible. I'm very angry because I can't find him.

Level 7
I know I'm a little late to the party here but I just found the thread after experiencing this issue and figure I'd share my experience:

I got the card when it released and my temps would always hover around 52C-53C while gaming while connected to a substantial water cooling loop. I thought this was a little high compared to other cards I've had with EK water blocks but I figured since it was a hybrid there was some compromises and this was the best I was going to get. I never realized the block wasn't making great contact.

Well that changed last week when I upgraded my motherboard and CPU. After reinstalling the GPU in the new board I immediately noticed that my temps had skyrocketed to nearly 90C, it was alarming because I never even heard the fans turn on before but they shot up to 100% as soon as a I launched any 3D applications. I guess removing the card from my old system and reinstalling it caused something to shift/made the pre-existing issue much worse. I did a little experimenting and after a while I realized that applying upward pressure on the cooler with my finger caused the temps to instantly drop down to between 50C-60C. So I did what others in this thread have tried and I used a little wooden dowel to support the card and this more or less fixed the problem. My temps were in their normal range that I would get in my old system.

Then I found this thread because I was curious if anyone else with the card had a similar problem and I noticed a user suggested the "washer solution". I decided to try it yesterday and I removed the backplate and cooler and inserted small plastic washers under the springy screws. I needed 2 different sizes but luckily I had tons of these little washers from all the waterblocks/cpu coolers/motherboards etc that I've bought over the years.

I'm happy to report that after applying this fix I'm seeing temperatures lower than I've ever seen with this card, after a long gaming session my max temp was only 44C!

Unfortunately though I found the RGB connector that controls the LEDs on the infinity panel very difficult to remove and I inadvertently severed the wires with a pair of needlenose pliers attempting to remove it. This was mostly my fault, I got a little overzealous trying to remove it and I should have pried it from the edges with a flat screwdriver instead. Anyway, I had to find a donor connector from an old 980ti heatsink that was the same shape and size and solder the wires to it to get the LEDs working again. So the washer solution definitely works and I recommend anyone with this problem give it a try, but be careful removing the connectors!

I tried tucking the wires away the best I could but you can sort of see some of the carnage here:

Anyway system is all up and running and cooler than ever!