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Asus GTX980 Strix - one fan at 100% speed when idle

Level 7
Hey guys,

Just installed an Asus 980 strix today. Very strangely one of the fans is running very high (and loud) even up to 100% it seems for short-medium periods.

please note this is at idle with temps of approx 27c-28c.

I know that these cards are passive cooled until they get to 60c so something ain't right methinks.

Asus GPU tweak, HWMonitor and AfterBurner seem to correctly measure the 2nd fan which is at 0%. I've tried setting manual fan profiles in Afterburner and it sets the temps correctly for the 2nd fan but makes no difference to fan 1.

I've tried reconnecting GPU power cables and even used new cables and a different rail from power supply. Also tried downgrading nvida drivers to 344.16 (saw some posts re this) no dice 😞

It's super annoying as the 360 predator is just amazing absolutely silent.

is there a final fix or do i need to do an RMA?

thanks guys....

System (if it helps)

i74970K (stock - for now!)
EK 360 Predator
Asus Maximus Hero VII
Asus GeForce 980GTX Strix
16GB Corsair Vengeance (4 x 4GB)
Corsair RM760 PSU
2 x SSD
4 x HD (2 x RAID1)
Haf-X case

Chino wrote:
Try disconnecting and reconnecting the fan cable to the header.
that's a good idea if i easily get to it. they are always very small and fiddly...
will report back...

Level 15

Chino wrote:
Not always. The header for the Strix 980 is out in the open and pretty big in size. 🙂


Hey Chino - unfortunately that fat heatpipe blocks any real access - took off the shroud but it was still too fiddly.

I did try but gave up as i'm sure i would have ended up breaking the wires or the plastic housing.

tbh the wires were already a little flakey and i bet that is the solution as it just doesn't look perfectly seated.

oh well 3rd Asus Returned in 2 weeks:

1) poseidon 980 - one of the fans mount was cracked so fan didn't spin. got refund.
2) strix 980 - DOA - got this one.
3) this one...

back to a very old 7870 lol until i get a replacement...

Asus are definitely pushing the boundary on features but their QA totally seems to suck tbh...

thanks for all your help guys...

Level 11
Chino is right, i had more then once this kind of issues with graphic cards, and allways from the fan header or from the pins inside it