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Asus GTX560 Ti 5-pin fan connector pinout

Level 7
I would like to ask whether somebody has an information on the pinout of 5-pin fan connector on the Asus GTX560 Ti videocard.
I have purchased the Arctic Accelero Hybrid water cooler to replace the fan of GTX560 Ti because of a jet noise in games even with the last firmware. However, my videocard model has the DirectCU II cooler with two fans (i.e. there is a 5-pin fan connector on the VGA, and a reduction to two 4-pin fan cables of DirectCU II).
The problem is the Hybrid provides just one 4-pin fan connector, with 2 wires only, I assume they are "Signal" and PWM for one fan of the Hybrid, and the power is taken by another connector. This is not emphasized in the VGA compatibility list of the Hybrid enough. There are 2 fans on the Hybrid though but I think the second one just takes PWM.

I'm not sure what would happen if I connected the Hybrid fan connector to just one of those two 4-pin connectors and leave the second open. Could somebody please suggest whether the VGA bios (or whatever software that controls the fan speed) can accept such configuration?
Or do I need to drive both "Signal" of the VGA fan connector (for example by connecting the Hybrid "Signal" wire to both "Signal" wires of the VGA)?
That is why I'm asking about the 5-pin connector pinout before removing DirectCUII, as the process is quite irreversible.

Thank you,