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Asus GTX 1070 OC ROG logo led problem

Level 7
Good evening to all

I am using the latest update or aura (AURAR GBLightingControl_v0053).
I have a problem with some colors.If i pick a color from the right side of the circle from deep red to green all look great..Nice colors and the "republic of games is the same color with the rog logo at the backplate.

The problem starts with the colors that reproduce the ROG logo after green.From the green color until the deep blue the only matching color is the deep blue and from the deep blue the color suits again in deep red.The "republic of gamers" changing colors normally but rog logo at the backplate not.Also notes that the Rog logo is no longer as bright as before.
At white color same problem republic of gamers is white and rog logo It's more like yellow.

I tried old version of aura software and i unplugged GPU power cable for1 hour to see what is happening but with no solution.
I am using the latest driver from nvdia and the card is running with samsung memories.
No Aura motherboard or something else that i am trying to sync with my gpu.
purchase date: xx/6/2016

Any ideas about this problem?

Level 7
I have a similar issue, on the graphics card I've noticed that the LED strip on the underside of the graphics card (around the fans) closest to the mother board is not accurate in color. For example if I set the color of my GPU to purple, that one row of LEDs will have more of a pinkish hue as opposed to purple. I noticed this recently and I've had this GPU since early March. I have my GPU synced to a z170 Pro Gaming Aura for lighting. I have tried using the Aura software meant only for the graphics card and I have the same issue.

Hello again.
I turned my gpu back to the shop at Monday..After a check at the service they change my card with a new one.
Thanks for help 🙂

Hi.I also have a similar problem, but my card is gtx 1080 ti strix, the colors are mixed between logo and bottom part.640486404964050

All settings are made using AURA software for a single color, for example on the first picture everything is set to white color and still the logo is yellow (sometimes it switches itself between white and yellow). On the other picture everything is set to uniform dark blue Color,and the logo remains green (except you can not control the program separately by setting the colors for the top and bottom separately).On the last picture everything is set to violet and the logo remains red.

Level 10
having the same issue gtx set to white logo is yellow and set to blue logo is pinkish
Asus Rampage VI Extreme / Intel I9-7940X / Corsair H115i Pro / CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (4 x 8GB) 3000MHz / EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 ELITE GAMING BLACK Edition / 2x Samsung 970 Pro NMVe 1GB / 4x Samsung 850 PRO - 2TB / Asus ROG Swift PG348Q / Corsair AX 1500i / Thermaltake View 71 RGB PC Case /Win 10 PRO x64

Is there a solution to this problem? 😞

Should I give a guarantee?

Level 10
For the ones that are having this problem, could you set your graphics card color in Static using Blue and then green and then Red.

Please take a picture of your graphics card to see what the colors looks like.
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !