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Asus graphics card driver (for Nvidia 3080ti laptop)

Level 9

I have a Zephyrus Duo 16 with a 3080ti graphics card. With the Asus provided nVidia driver (517.63)  (from Asus Support) the system works generally quite well; performance is good but in some games like Cyberpunk 2077 not all features are supported - in this case when switching on any ray tracing options the game crashes. In other games the driver is reported to be out of date although it still runs, but there are glitches (Icarus comes to mind). Let's just say all is well with 98% of games....not quire what is expected of a higher end machine.

When I update with the latest drivers (531.61) and for that matter any previous version of the generic set from nVidia it works, but the management of power and/or thermals is not smooth - it seems the management allows the card to draw high power and then reduces it again within 3-5 seconds, repeating this cycle into eternity - making for a very choppy and unpleasant gaming experience. This happens with all games. The only way around it is to limit the frame rate so that the card is using less power - so it never peaks to trigger the repeating cycle.

Does anyone have an idea of what is going on?

If Asus released a new version of their driver it would be fine - but it's been several months now since they released the version I am using (517.63). Will they ever release a newer version?